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Affordable Advertising For Non-Profits & Small Businesses

Expert Corner - Kelly Company

From Kelly Company, Dawn Kelly

Business owners and non-profits everywhere want and need more sales awareness for their brands and events. How can this be achieved on little or no budget? With a little bit of focus, time and effort, it can happen.

With billions of people using mobile devices and desktops to search online for businesses, events, products and services, as business owners, we need to focus on the internet as one of our main sources of contact.

The number one most important and effective way to be seen online is to have a website. Many business owners don’t think a website is beneficial, but they are oh, so wrong! A website is YOURS – you it’s your url name and your content. You dictate changes, what is added to it and how you and your products and services are represented. You can add an online store, FAQ, a customer service desk and other tools to help you to serve your customers easily and efficiently. A website is well worth the investment. (Extra tip: be sure it’s mobile- friendly).

Another great resource is to be present on social media, on the platform(s) that your customers are on. Even if you don’t have time or want to use social media, at the very least, create a profile page for your business and fill out pertinent information about your business and its contact information, redirecting your audience to where you are – your website and/or your physical location. Social media is a free tool, so keep this in mind if you’re using it as part of your marketing and advertising plan. You don’t own the content or platform. With that being said, however, it is quite possibly one of the best ways for you to connect and engage with you customers, not just due to its popularity and convenience, but because it can cover a large range of locations and people effectively.

One resource that is free to businesses and non-profits is Google Maps. Do a search and be sure that your business or organization is represented and that the information is correct.  Get added here.

Aside from connecting online, here are a few other suggestions for you to advertise without breaking your budget:

  • Add your business information to your email signature.
  • Claim online listings from directories such as Manta and Yelp.
  • Carry business cards with you so you have them readily available when you meet someone interested in what you do and who wants to keep in touch.

Of course, I have got to mention this – the Avilla Chamber is a good resource for you to utilize as well. Get the word out not just on the website, but also on social media and in their newsletters about your announcements, job opportunities, events and expertise. You can also sponsor, donate or volunteer at local and county events. Send your information to them by email or on the website – no charge!

There are many other ways that you can implement affordable advertising, but these initial ideas should help to spark some creativity for budget-conscious business owners and non-profits.