Restore Avilla, includes representatives of local businesses and community leaders, not only plans to achieve a revitalized Downtown District for the town of Avilla, but the group also believes it is imperative to foster community collaboration to “Restore” the town to its former functionality, vitality and beauty.

Restore Avilla is a part of Indiana Main Street, which is administered by OCRA. Restore Avilla’s focus is to work on downtown developement, organization, design, promotion and economic restructuring.




President: Todd Carteaux

Vice President: Bill Ley

Treasurer: Julie Farver


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Farmer’s Market

On April 27, 2015, The Indiana Main Street Program welcomed ReStore Avilla into its program for revitalizing downtown areas and restoring the heart of Indiana’s communities.


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Mailing Address:  PO Box 562, Avilla, IN  46710