Chamber News

2017 Annual Meeting

Chamber News

Avilla Chamber of Commerce
Annual Report
November 1, 2016 to June 12, 2017

Officers :
President: Kevin Kelly – Restoration & Custom Fabrication
Vice President: Bill Ley – Town of Avilla

Income : $8614.49
Membership Dues : $1250.00
New Members 2 (The HAWK, Avilla Country Kitchen)
Renewals 25
Total Members 34

● Individual (Non-Business) or Organization: $25 – members ( individuals)
● 1-5 Employees – Commercial or Professional: $50 – members
● 6+ Employees – Commercial or Professional: $100 – members
● 1-25 Employees – Industrial: $100 – members
● 26-50 Employees – Industrial: $150 – members
● 51+ Employees – Industrial: $200 – members

We awarded one business an Honorary Annual Membership to McDonald’s,
applicable on their 2017 renewal date .

Events : BBQ Sale raised about $560.00 (not all proceeds received to date)
Fundraisers : $4680.95 For turkey dinner
$730.15 From online auction
$1392.81 Cash & Checks received for Avilla Christmas Charities

Interest : $00.58

Expenses : $8719.41
Advertising: $503.96
Business Expenses: $856.02
Giveaways: $250.00 (home & tree contests)
Office Supplies/Materials: $87.52

Sponsorships: $180.00
Gave to Avilla Christmas Charities: $6256.79
Restore Avilla 12.5% of Annual Christmas Benefit Turkey Dinner: $585.12

Our Sponsorships :
Annual Christmas Benefit Turkey Dinner (signage and marketing), Breakfast with Santa
(costume), Drug Free Noble County, and Avilla Freedom Festival.

Volunteers :
Bill Ley – Town of Avilla, Kevin Kelly – Restoration & Custom Fabrication, Dawn Kelly –
Kelly Company, Todd Carteaux – St. James Restaurant, St. Mary’s of the Assumption,
East Noble Middle School, Town of Avilla, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Calvary United
Methodist Church, Avilla Elementary, St. Mary’s School, Joeb Woodring, Petra Papai,
Avilla Fire Department, Presence Sacred Heart Home.

Donors : Dawn Kelly – Kelly Company, Kevin Kelly – Restoration & Custom Fabrication,
Wiley Gerardot, S&S Machine & Tool, Inc., Indiana Phoenix, Renewable Energy
Systems, Promised Land Properties, Community State Bank, John Ley Monument
Sales, McDonald’s, Avilla Fire Department, Presence Sacred Heart Home, St. Mary’s

Event Sponsors/Contributors : Whispering Pines Christmas Tree Farm (Christmas
Tree Decorating Contest), Restoration & Custom Fabrication (online auction), Kelly
Company (BBQ Sale), St. James Restaurant (online auction and gift certificate for tree
contest, BBQ Sale), John Ley Monuments (online auction), Avilla True Value Hardware
(online auction), The Strand Theatre (online auction), Todd Carteaux (online auction),
Indiana Phoenix (online auction), S&S Machine & Tool, Inc. (online auction), Dave’s
Paint Shop & Sandblasting, Inc. (online auction), Kevin & Dawn Kelly (online auction),
McDonald’s (online auction & BBQ Sale), anonymous individuals and families, Avilla
Country Kitchen (gift certificate for home contest), Avilla Grain (Spring giveaways),
Whitakers BBQ (BBQ Sale).

Our 2016-2017 year is in full-swing with fundraisers and sponsorships scheduled for
November and December. We have plans in place to improve our membership
benefits, to increase awareness of the Chamber and its membership and to continue to
serve and support the community.