Avilla Christmas Charities

Avilla Christmas Charities Accepting Applications

Avilla Christmas Charities, which is a group of volunteers from the Avilla Chamber membership and from the churches of St. Mary of the Assumption, Immanuel Lutheran, and Avilla  Calvary United Methodist, have been raising funds throughout the year and are working on additional activities, such as a hat and glove drive and food and toy drives, as well as the Annual Christmas Benefit Turkey Dinner, which will be held on Sunday, November 7th, 2021, as a carryout meal at the St. James Restaurant, to be able to help provide a joyful and happy Christmas to children and families in the Avilla and LaOtto area.

All applications are reviewed so that we may better verify applicants and better serve families who are in need of assistance.


The deadline for submitting an application (postmarked by date) is November 1st.  If you submit an application, you will be contacted to let you know the status of your application and will be contacted about delivery/pick-up information.

Download an application here. 


  1. Incomplete information.
  2. Not listing all sources of income including income from a business owned.
  3. Not listing all residents of the household
  4. Not listing all dependents and children that you do not have legal custody of
  5. Having income above the State of Indiana’s low-income guidelines.
  6. Falsifying information.
  7. Not living in Avilla, IN or LaOtto, IN.
  8. Not submitting the application and all information by the deadline or postmarked by the date specified.
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