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Avilla Christmas Charities: Q&A with Avilla Chamber President, Kevin Kelly

October 27, 2016

What is Avilla Christmas Charities?  Avilla Christmas Charities was created to do similar things that the Avilla LaOtto Christmas Bureau did – to supplement it.  Being that the bureau is well established, Avilla Christmas Charities was intended to support the things the bureau was doing, by working with three churches within the community – two of which were already a part of the St. James benefit dinner.

Is Avilla Christmas Charities replacing the Avilla LaOtto Christmas Bureau?  No.  Avilla Christmas Charities wasn’t created as a replacement, it was created to do similar things, but on a smaller scale, to help needy families in our area.  When the St. James Restaurant decided to redirect their fundraising money to Avilla Christmas Charities, in lieu of the Christmas Bureau, in talking with the pastor of the Ark Church, he decided he didn’t want to continue doing the Christmas Bureau because he felt he didn’t have a sufficient amount of funds to continue.  

Is Avilla Christmas Charities a long-term group?  I see that it is, even if money is redirected from contributors elsewhere, there’s no reason we cannot continue to do it.  It depends upon the community and support from them.  If there are no applications received from those in need of assistance or no one in the community who wants to help those families in need, obviously and unfortunately, it will fold.

How can I help and who do I contact?  Anyone can help.  Contact myself, Kevin Kelly, at the Avilla Chamber of Commerce by phone, email or the website.  You can help by sponsoring a family or send a cash donation to help with whatever the needs are that arise.  if you’re a business, you can also sponsor the online auction or donate services, items or money for the auction.  You can do any of this by finding out more at our website or contacting the Chamber.  I would like to add that all of the monies and donations that we receive, in any form, go to those in need and to the fundraising efforts.  The Chamber of Avilla does not keep the funds, proceeds are divided among the three churches participating to provide for those in need.

How can I sign up for help?  If you want to sign up for assistance, you can get an application from the Avilla Town Hall, St. Mary’s Church, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Calvary Methodist Church or on our website.   Call us for more information or visit our website to find out more.

What is your contact information?  Avilla Chamber website:  www.chamberofavilla.org, phone number:  242.4898, email:  info@chamberofavilla.org



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