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2020 2021 Avilla Gift Checks

The Avilla Gift Check Program is designed to support our local businesses while embracing the importance of staying and supporting the community by eating, shopping, thinking, and using local products and services first. 

The Avilla Gift Check Program allows anyone to purchase the checks (the purchaser must pay for the check In full before the checks are distributed).  Avilla Gift Check recipients are encouraged to redeem the checks at program participants, which encourages the patronage of Avilla area businesses. 

Any business or service in the area can sign-up to participate! There is no cost to become a merchant.

Sign-up is easy, fill out the form below.


The following outlines the Avilla Gift Checks program specifics:

  • Gift Checks are sold in the following denominations: $10.00, $25.00, and $50.00
  • The checks are drawn off of a closely monitored Avilla Chamber checking account.
  • Security features have been added to the checks for the Chamber’s and participants’ safety.
  • Avilla Gift Checks are made payable to your business’ name for merchandise and services. Simply deposit the Avilla Gift Checks as you would normally make a check deposit at your bank. 
  • The following is printed in the memo section of the checks: “**NON-TRANSFERABLE.  VALID FOR 1 YEAR.**”
  • If you receive a stale-dated check, please direct the check holder to the Chamber, where if the check is found to be authentic, we will reissue a new check; please allow up to 7 days for check authorization.
  • As a participant, you have the right to refuse any Avilla Gift Check that appears to have been altered, copied, or that is stale dated.
  • Be sure to decide on your policy for partial redemptions. If a customer spends less than the Avilla Gift Check value, you can offer cashback, store credit, or issue a store gift certificate for the balance. It is up to you, however, the entire value of the Gift Check is not to be transferred to another business or person.
  • An Avilla Gift Check participation list, giving the business names of all program participants will be posted on our website and shared in promotional and marketing materials.

Avilla Gift Check FAQs

Q: How do I sign up? A: You can sign up by emailing the Avilla Chamber at to confirm that you want to participate.

Q:  What if the purchase is for more than the Avilla Gift Check value? A:  Accept the check for the value written and ask the customer for a different form of payment to cover the rest of the transaction.  

Q:  Can I cancel my participation? A:  Yes. Anytime, by notifying the Avilla Chamber of Commerce. You will be removed from the marketing materials online and offline and can no longer process the Avilla Community Cards.

Q: Does the Avilla Chamber make any money from the Avilla Gift Check program? A: No. The Avilla Chamber makes no money from the buying, selling, or sponsoring of the Avilla Gift Check program. The program is an effort to continue to support and bring awareness to our community’s businesses and services, to help maintain and build up our local economy, and to encourage residents to shop, support, think, use, and love local!

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