Breakfast with the Easter Bunny & Santa Events

April 4, 2017

There has been confusion over the past couple of years about these events for the children.  When Doug Harris left his position as the President of the Chamber, the Breakfast events with the Easter Bunny & Santa Claus were “given” to the Avilla Park’s Department in October 2015.  The Chamber donated money and provided the costumes for the events in 2015.  In 2016, we donated money and provided the costume for the Easter Bunny Breakfast.   For the Breakfast with Santa event in 2016, the Chamber donated the use of the costume and sponsored the reindeer at the Christmas Tree Lighting.

As you may already know, the Chamber has not been physically in possession of the bunny and Santa costumes for some time and since current Chamber President, Kevin Kelly came into office in August of 2016, collectively, the Chamber has been working to account for possessions and responsibilities of the Chamber.  Two costumes have, as of March 2017, been returned to the Chamber and we have offered them to anyone who may want to use them, however, at this point, they are in need of a good dry cleaning.

The Chamber does not know of any Easter Bunny events for this year in Avilla.

For reference only, following are the meeting minutes from October 2015, that gave the “ownership” of the breakfast events to the Avilla Parks Department:  Chamber Minutes October 2015.  Following are the meeting minutes from the March 2017 meeting that confirms that a bunny and a Santa costume were returned to the Chamber:   March2017ChamberMinutes.

Respectfully submitted,

Dawn Kelly
Interim Secretary


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