Getting ready to send shipment - Avilla Area Chamber Electronic Certificate of Origin

Electronic Certificates of Origin

Avilla Area Chamber announced on April 8, 2022, that they now are able to provide exporting assistance to those who are shipping outside of the country, through our affiliation with the American World Trade Chamber of Commerce.

“We know the value of being ready for shipping your product to your out-of-country customers as soon as possible,” Kevin Kelly, Avilla Chamber President said. “Avilla Chamber is happy to be able to offer an electronic Certificate of Origin (CO) process that gives an easy solution for businesses to do that. Documents will bear the seal of AWTCC, which is registered with customs authorities worldwide.”

Exporters and freight forwarders can fill out an application which is on the chamber’s website, to get registered. After they are approved, users can log in and get their Certificates of Origin quickly and efficiently. Their information is securely stored for ease of repeat certificates that are needed.

Members of Avilla Area Chamber pay $20 per CO, while non-members pay $40 per CO.

Learn more about Certificates of Origin.

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