DMK-Avilla Charities gifts

Generous Donations and Volunteers Helped To Bring Hope and Happiness To Others At Christmas

Avilla businesses, organizations, and individuals came together to help those
in need during the Christmas season. Avilla Christmas Charities (ACC)
conducted fundraisers throughout the year including a bar-b-que sale and the
Annual Christmas Benefit Turkey Dinner. Both were well supported by
individuals as well as local businesses and organizations. A total of $6,405.22
was raised this year as compared to $6,236.79 last year. More businesses
collected items than last year also. Toys were collected by St. Mary’s School
and Dollar General. Food was collected by St. Mary’s School, Avilla
Elementary School and Handy Dandy. Hats, gloves and clothes were collected
by St. Mary’s School, Avilla Elementary School, Handy Dandy and Dollar

Applications were accepted from October 1st through November 17th. A total
of 33 applications were received; which is the same as last year. All 33
families were helped either by ACC or were adopted by local organizations.
ACC works with three local churches (Avilla Calvary United Methodist Church,
Immanuel Lutheran Church and St. Mary of the Assumption Church) to
purchase items beyond those donated, in order to match the needs of each
application and to make arrangements to get the items to those being helped.
This year families were adopted by Community State Bank, Avilla Fire
Department, Presence Sacred Heart, American Legion Post 240, Immaculate
Conception Catholic Church in Ege and private individuals. Together we all
made a big difference in the lives of 78 children and 33 families in Avilla and


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