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Has COVID Sidelined Your Career?

COVID has negatively impacted most of us. We have lost our jobs; some of us have lost loved ones; some of us have had to put our careers on hold while taking care of more pressing issues. But now, as vaccinations increase and active cases decrease in the US, we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Everyone is hoping and eager for life to return to normal. But for those of us who are still unemployed or are just starting to think about returning to the workforce, it could be overwhelming to think about starting over again. If that’s the case, please know that your chamber of commerce is here to help. While you may not think of us as “career counselors”, we can assist you in your job search and with building your network to help you get your career back on track in ways that you may not have considered before.

The Avilla Chamber can help ensure you are situated in the best possible way to succeed in your career.

Here are just a few ways that the Avilla Chamber can help you get your career back on track

Networking: Even before COVID, getting a job was often dependent on who you knew. This matters for two reasons. All things being equal, an employer will often select someone who knows someone in their organization because that makes them less of a mystery and less of a risk. Hiring is one of the most expensive and uncertain things an employer can do. An applicant that has a known quality poses less of a risk. The other benefit to building your network when you are job hunting is that you may find out about openings before they become public, which gives you an edge over other applicants.

Chamber networking can be extremely helpful, especially to those who feel out of touch because they’ve been out of work or working from home for the past year.

Thought Leadership: Many people have used the pandemic to reevaluate their career trajectories. In doing so, they may have decided they no longer want to work for other people but go out on their own. Maybe they want to consult or share their knowledge with others instead.

If you are considering entrepreneurship, you’ll want to build up thought leadership avenues. The chamber can help. We may have speaking opportunities, committee leadership positions, and video interviews available that can help set you up for success by sharing your views and expertise. (If you’re looking to open a business in Avilla, check out our reference documentation to learn how easy it is to get started).

Chamber Job Board: Ask about our knowledge of job boards, where hiring companies can post their needs and job seekers can search for open positions. The Avilla Chamber job board and network are great for several reasons:

  • the posts are from reputable companies within the community
  • there are not a lot of unsolicited ads or distractions
  • they’re specific to your area
  • they’re easy to search 
  • you don’t have to sign up or sign-in to see or learn more about job opportunities
  • you can get info about jobs and the area in one place

Economic Development: If you are considering moving into a new area of the county or state, contact their local chamber to begin gathering information. You can find out economic development information as well as which industries are going strong and which ones are looking to make a resurgence or are growing. Chamber pros are some of the most helpful people you will ever meet and you can ask them questions that you may not feel comfortable asking a potential employer.

Cards and Checks Program: The Avilla Chamber has a program called “We Love Local”, in which we advocate and support our chamber membership and the businesses in our area, encouraging locals to think, use, and buy from local businesses first.  Part of the program incorporates Noble Community Cards, which are digital egift cards and Avilla Gift Checks, which are just like gift certificates.  Both options are free for any area business to sign-up to implement and the funds go directly to the business that the shopper uses the card or check at as payment.  These types of tools easily help to encourage keeping money local and frequenting local businesses like yours, quickly and easily and of course, helps to increase sales and brand awareness.  Contact us to know more about the program and how you can sign up!

Chamber Membership Directory: Many people look at the Avilla Chamber Membership Directory to find services and products. All of our members are listed, whether they are a business, non-profit or an individual.  It can help people who are looking for your services, but the directory also serves as a form of informal credentials. visitors can see that you are involved and invested in the community. Many people think of chamber of commerce members as reputable and established. When you are beginning your business or are wanting to maintain brand awareness, this can be an important part of getting someone to hire or spend money with you. To do so, they need to trust you and chamber membership can help them do that initially.

Matching Employers with Employees: A lot of employers are having difficulties hiring these days and the chamber is working with them. If you’re looking for a job, the chamber can likely help you locate hiring employers within your area.

If COVID derailed your career, or you’re looking to start something new, you may be surprised with the help the Avilla Chamber can provide. As the voice of business, we offer connections and resources that can help you get back on track.

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