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Know Your Rights When Purchasing A Car

Consumer Alert

Consumer Alert – August 31, 2016
Article from The Indiana Attorney General

Whether it’s new or used, buying a car is one of the most complex and expensive purchases you can make. It’s great to get a good deal, but doing a little homework and research can go a long way to avoid problems with future vehicle purchases. Read the helpful tips below to learn about important issues that may affect your car purchase.

1. Ensure you get a good deal – The Office of the Indiana Attorney General offers a list of rights for consumers when purchasing a new or used car. Review these rights carefully to avoid being duped into buying a less than ideal vehicle.

2. Understand your financing – Know the exact price of the car, the amount being financed and the total finance charge. Always research your options to make an informed and educated decision. 

3. Know when you should receive your title – At the time of purchase, confirm the location and possession of the title. If you have made all agreed upon initial payments, including delivery of a trade-in vehicle (if applicable), car dealers and individuals are required to deliver the title at the time of sale or delivery within 31 days of the sale (IC 9-32-4-1(a)(2)).

4. Beware of odometer and salvage fraud – It is best to have a professional mechanic look at the vehicle before purchase; however, if this is not possible, pay attention to things like the upholstery and carpet matching the miles, oil change and other service stickers, dashboard repair or replacement, different colors of paint, and door and/or hinge replacement.

You have a right to file a Consumer Complaint with the Office of the Indiana Attorney General if you feel any of your rights have been violated during the process of purchasing a vehicle.

For information on filing a Consumer Complaint visit or call (317) 232-6330.