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Avilla Chamber of Commerce

Dawn Kelly

Starting off with her online desire to uplift and support local entrepreneurs and non-profits, Dawn pioneered several free county business directories in northeastern Indiana, encouraging residents to keep their money local. With the inspiration to serve and to build up small businesses and home-based businesses and to help non-profits meet their goals lead Dawn to […]

Digital Seed

My Digital Seed logoWe are a business that helps home-based and small businesses and organizations with their digital presence. Recognizing the importance of the connection between your products, services, mission, and your customer-base, easily and effectively, we can help. Focusing on saving you from complication and time-consuming activities, Digital Seed helps to guide you in utilizing your website, […]

KPC Media

Media company; newspaper website.

Midwest Film Factory, Inc.

Midwest Film Factory logoMidwest Film Factory, Inc., specializes in business videos and product/commercial photos for marketing, social media, websites, training, sales and more.