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Buying and using local products and services improve and promote business retention in Noble County.


No matter what the occasion, giving the gift of local is possible with Noble Community Cards and it makes it easy for your loved ones, friends, and coworkers to enjoy amazing products and services close to home!

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When you purchase from businesses and services in our area, you are helping to stimulate Noble County’s economic growth and stability.

Your Gifting Options Are Endless!

Redeem at any Avilla Area Chamber investor or member that accepts MasterCard as payment, regardless of where they’re located, and at any other business in Noble County that accepts MasterCard!

Shop With These Avilla Chamber Investors and Members

and With Nearly 1,000 Other Noble County Businesses and Services

  • Arc of Noble County Foundations
  • Autumn Storage
  • Avilla Area Chamber 
  • Avilla Christmas Charities
  • Avilla Grain
  • Avilla Liquors
  • Avilla Marathon
  • Avilla Motor Works
  • Avilla Subway
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Northeast Indiana
  • Black Pine Animal Sanctuary
  • Case Family Taxes
  • Community Foundation of Noble County
  • Crossroads United Way
  • H&L Electric
  • John Ley Monument Sales
  • Junction 3&8 Self-Storage
  • Kelly Company 
  • KPC Media
  • Mediacom
  • Noble House Ministries
  • Noble REMC
  • Parkers Outlet Center
  • Private Painter & Body Shop
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Restoration & Custom Fabrication
  • S&S Machine and Tool
  • Schaller Greenhouse & Landscape
  • Sells Do It Best Hardware
  • Silver Horse Social
  • Sketch Out Designs
  • St. James Restaurant
  • Tasty’s Donuts & Ice Cream
  • Wildflowers Curiosity Shop

… and more!


A Noble Community Card works like any gift card that you would bring and spend at a business.  The magic of the Noble Community Card is it rolls up nearly 1,000 small business gift cards into one convenient card!

You can spend your Noble Community Card at any Avilla Area Chamber business and any in Noble County that accepts MasterCard.

There is a small processing and activation fee of $1 + 4% of the value of each card sold. For example, a $50 card will cost $53. For a plastic card it costs an additional $3 to print and ship the card.

You can spend your card with any Avilla Area Chamber member AND any Noble County business or organization that accepts MasterCards.

No, tipping is not allowed. You can only pay for an amount known at the point of purchase. For
example, if you go to a restaurant ask to pay with two payment methods (split tender transaction). You can use your gift card to pay the base cost of the meal and then a second payment method for the tip.

Any zip code will do.

You can spend your card immediately after purchase.

Purchased funds never expire.  Rewarded funds expire after 90 days.

For plastic cards, you can visit mylocalgiftcard.com to check your balance and see program
details. While on the page simply type your card ID into the search field which will bring you to
your card page.

For eGift cards you can simply click the link in the email at the time you received the card and it
will bring you to the card page with details including your balance and program information
(which merchants accept the card, etc).

In this case you should request a “split tender” transaction where you ask to pay with two payment methods. It is your responsibility to understand your gift card balance at all times. If you know your card balance then you can ask the teller to exhaust the exact amount on the gift card as the first payment method. Then to pay for the remainder of the purchase you can choose any acceptable payment method whether it be cash or another debit or credit card. e.g. Your deli order comes to $15. You have $5 remaining on your gift card. Request to exhaust the $5 off the gift card, and then pay the remaining $10 balance with a second payment method.

If you lost your card or it was stolen but you still have your card number, ID, or receipt we can cancel your original card and reissue you a new card for $5. However, if you do not have your card number or receipt, or the funds have been spent, then unfortunately the funds cannot be

Yes, that’s the whole point! Simply go to the form above and fill it out to place your order.  Noble Community Cards make perfect gifts for birthdays, graduations, holidays, or any occasion! Whoever you give it to will have the option of using it at any participating business in your area. Talk about exciting! Plus, it ensures the recipient spends locally. Double bonus!

Though rare, sometimes issues do occur. The most frequent reason involves the eGift card type
due to businesses not communicating to staff to expect the eGift payment form which may
cause employees to turn away the card. If you experience any issues with redeeming your Noble Community Card please contact Avilla Chamber at avillachamber@gmail.com or 260-508-1897 as soon as possible.

Because it gives your gift recipient choice. A lot of people want to shop local but aren’t sure what the best businesses are, where to go, or are fearful that the recipient might not like the one place they purchased a gift card to. The Noble Community Card solves this problem by giving the
gift recipient lots of options to choose where to spend their card. For the purchaser, it removes
the pressure of feeling like they need to come up with the perfect local gift since it contains
many local gift cards all-in-one, and provides satisfaction that the card is guaranteed to be spent
locally. Win-win!

Noble Community Cards keep dollars local with our small business neighbors.  Keeping dollars local greatly contributes to increasing wealth in your community by strengthening local businesses, increasing job numbers, wages, the tax base, nonprofit donations, and strengthening municipal services and overall service offerings in the community, among other benefits.

Noble Community Cards make excellent employee recognition rewards. Many employers would
like to support small businesses but the issue of “picking winners and losers” often arises when
it comes time to decide which local products to purchase. The Noble Community Card solves this
problem by allowing the employer to support many local businesses in your area with one gift card while providing employees the gift of local choice.  The Noble Community Card is a gift that contributes to the local economy!

Yes! Click the blue button at the top of the order form on this page to begin your custom bulk order. Depending on volume, discounts may be provided for bulk orders.


No! There are no sign-ups, no set-ups, or no opt-ins for you, as a merchant, to accept Noble Community Cards!  You simply tap it, scan it, swipe it, or key it in, just as you would any other MasterCard.

Yes! Noble Community Cards are Mastercard branded so they are accepted the same as any
credit or debit card. No training required. The one catch is you must accept Mastercard, which
99.9% of credit card processors do.

No additional software is required to accept cards. If your point-of-sale / credit card machine
accepts Mastercard then you can accept a Giverrang card simply by swiping or manually keying
the numbers, like you do any other card.

eGift cards must be manually keyed into your POS machine. Ask the customer to read or present you with the eGift card numbers as you would a phone order. Manually key the card numbers into your POS terminal. Process the transaction.

We strongly encourage you to inform your staff to expect the eGift payment type so that there is no confusion when customers show up with a picture of the card on their phone. As long as you and your team know to expect this payment form everything will go smoothly.

You would pay the same fee you currently pay your payment processor for accepting any Mastercard debit card. Depending on the agreement with your payment processor, there may be an additional cost for accepting Card Not Present (CNP) transactions such as an eGift card. Typically this fee is less than 1%. A small price to pay for earning new customers!

If your program is an eGift program then accepting eGifts is a requirement of the program, or else it could cause consumer confusion. To encourage you, the latest reports indicate that gift card purchasers load 10-15% more money onto digital eGift cards than plastic cards (source: Synergy World). Plus, industry reports state that gift card holders spend on average 50% more than a gift card’s value. This means you can easily offset the small fee you may incur for accepting CNP transactions while earning a new customer in one sale. Odds are you’re likely to make out just fine!

Yes. If your customer is not physically present, simply have them give you the 16-digit card number, expiration and CVC code over the phone (or in a secure manner) and enter the numbers into your POS terminal.

No. Online and at-home businesses are welcome too!

Service based businesses, like any participating business, are going to receive exposure as a location that can accept the Noble Community Card. If your business is featured on the program web page and other marketing materials you will benefit further. This puts your business in position to be seen or discovered for the first time. Plus, whoever has a Card will have a limited choice of local businesses to spend their card at, so your odds of capturing that business increases because there is less competition. Once you create a relationship with a gift card holder you have a chance to impress the customer to drive loyalty business and be referred to by that customer to their contacts.

No. In our experience loyal customers will support you the same. In many instances the Noble Community Gift Card represents new customers. This is true because many Noble Community Card purchasers are unsure of the best local businesses to buy from, or don’t quite know the gift recipient’s tastes, so an all-in-one Noble Community Card solution will appeal to them. It allows these purchasers to support local businesses without the stress of worrying where to buy from.  When a gift recipient receives a Noble Community Card they will enjoy the chance to spend their gift at lots of local options. The recipient will then go through a discovery process to find out where to spend the card and it is at this moment they will see and learn about your business and choose to spend with you. It is a great opportunity to get in front of and engage new customers, and also re-ignite relationships with customers who may not have visited in some time.

No. The Noble Community Card should never be exchanged for cash under any circumstances.  Any remaining balance left on the card can be spent in a future transaction.

The average value of each gift card is $50. However, studies indicate that the majority of cardholders overspend by 50% more than the value of each gift card (source: Savvy). So a $50 average purchase means a $25 overspend. Others claim it is 40-120% more (source: Stored Value Solutions). Bottom line is merchants that accept the card will reap these overspend rewards.

Please allow 7-10 days for delivery when purchasing a physical card.
Brought to you by Avilla Area Chamber Elite Investors

Build your business with connections, community awareness of your expertise, products, and services, education, and other valuable resources by becoming a part of the Avilla Area Chamber family!

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