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Noble Community Card Launched

The Avilla Area Chamber has launched a new local shopping program, the Noble Community Card. This card is a MasterCard gift card that universally works at all businesses in Noble County and with all Avilla Area Chamber member businesses that accept MasterCard. This program aims to bring more money and attention to local business owners, large or small!

The Avilla Area Chamber is proud to offer this free service to help businesses of all shapes and sizes during these tough economic times. With the Noble Community Card, the chamber is providing both an e-gift card which you can download instantly onto your computer or phone (so it’s always ready when inspiration strikes), and physical cards, both of which that work just like any other credit card. 

“The Noble Community Card gives everyone the ability to use it to pay all throughout the county, rather than having to pick and choose where they can shop,” Avilla Area Chamber President, Kevin Kelly said, “it’s the ultimate all-inclusive way to spend, eat, and shop at local businesses and use their services.”

Kelly further explained that the chamber felt compelled to enhance the card program they already had in place and that along with the Avilla Gift Checks program, together, these options will inspire residents to look, think, and use local first. “We wanted a way for our members and neighboring businesses to be supported and to experience increased sales, as well as helping Noble County residents to have more incentives to buy close to home, and assisting the local economy, all at once,” Kelly commented.

The card is a great gift for family or friends for any occasion or an employee recognition reward that companies can give to employees (bulk orders available), any time of the year, in any monetary amount. 

“We at Avilla Area Chamber are extremely happy to provide this shop local program and hope the community will make the most of this powerful initiative to support our county’s local businesses and services,” Kelly said.

Purchase cards, review a list of Avilla Area Chamber members who are featured that accept the card, and view a map of their locations, on the chamber’s website

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