Indiana November 18 2020 C19 Map

Noble County Health Department Adding New COVID-19 Restrictions

The Noble County Health Department has issued a public health order that will add additional restrictions on big events, bars, restaurants, and gyms if the county finds itself in the “red.”

The Health Department will not accept gathering plans with an expected participant list of 250 people in the “orange zone” and 100 people in the “red.”

If the county goes “red,” restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and other places serving food and drinks are ordered:

  • Capacity is limited to 50 percent indoors; outdoor capacity can remain at 100 percent
  • Establishments must be closed and cleared of customers between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m.
  • Bar seating is closed. Table seating only.
  • Table seating is limited to 10 people per table, and tables must be spaced at least 6 feet away from other tables
  • Self-service food stations are not permitted unless the staff member serves patrons

If the county goes “red,” gyms and fitness centers are asked to operate at 50 percent capacity.

Per the order, Noble County must stay in a lower-risk category for two consecutive weeks before being allowed to move to that level.

To view the color-coded scoring parameters for risk categories, click here.

Read Noble County’s public health order here.

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