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What The Newest Executive Order Means For Your Business

As many of you are aware, Indiana Governor, Eric J. Holcomb, published Executive Order 20-48 recently. To be sure that you are compliant and informed about what it means for you and your business, there are some key points that we’d like to share with you. You can read the full Executive Order 20-48 here.

In this order, the measures and restrictions set forth in Order 20-46 (Stage 5) were rescinded, and as of 12:01 a.m. on November 15th and continuing through 11:59 p.m. on December 12th, all Hoosiers, Hoosier businesses, and other individuals in the state must adhere to the directives in Order 20-48, unless rescinded, modified, or extended by Governor Holcomb.

All entities are required to have a COVID action plan that is provided to all employees and posted publicly. Your plan should include:

• Employee Health Screening Process
• Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting
• Enhanced ability to wash or sanitize hands
• Complying with social distancing requirements

If you have an existing plan, which was outlined in Executive Order 20-26 (view here), be sure to review it to confirm all necessary items are up to date with current requirements.

Businesses are also required to have clearly posted signage at public and employee entrances, stating that masks are required for all individuals to enter.

Additionally, all businesses must take proactive measures to ensure compliance with social distancing and sanitization requirements including:

• Designate six-foot distances with stickers and/or signage
• Having hand sanitizer and sanitizing products readily available
• Offering accommodations to the vulnerable population such as curbside pick up or special shopping hours
• Posting online whether or not you are open and how best to reach the facility

The order also states that businesses must require all staff to wear face coverings and specifies that businesses should only admit those individuals who wear face coverings into their establishment.

If a business does not comply with Executive Order 20-28 the following steps may be taken:
• Verbal Warning
• Health Department issues an order to cease unsafe practices
• Order closure of business entity reported to Secretary of State and any relevant licensing agencies, referral to prosecuting attorney
* Workplace safety enforcement is carried out by IOSHA. All other enforcement is carried out by Indiana State Department of Health, Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Alcohol & Tobacco Commission, local boards of health, and other state and local law enforcement officers.

To avoid non-compliance:
• Adhere to IOSHA standards
• Use remote work when reasonable and practicable
• Ensure sick leaves are flexible and non-punitive
• Actively encourage sick employees to stay home
• Promptly separate employees who are symptomatic
• Reinforce key messages such as staying home when sick, use cough and sneeze etiquette, and proper hand hygiene.
• Frequently sanitize high touch surfaces
• Be prepared to change business practices if required to maintain critical operations

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